The Witches Circle

The greatest magic is that which transforms the heart.

Love Spells


Please remember that you should never mess with ones free will..although at times we all have, just don't say I didnt warn ya..


By the light of a full moon, take a silver ring and wrap it in a clean white cloth. Dig a small hole and bury the ring inside. While focusing on the kind of lover you are looking for and pouring a small amount of wine (or milk) over the earth recite these words:

Blessed Mother fair and true
This Gift I offer unto You
Bless this ring and make it shine
Bring a lover to be mine
So Mote it Be!

Leave the ring buried until the next full moon, then dig it up and wear it. If your lover is near, he/she will be drawn to you.


Sprinkle licorice herb over your spouse or lovers footprints. Place a handful of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your lover or spouse sleeps. Or add cumin to the food you both consume.

Another spell to keep your lover faithful is:

Prepare a small drawstring pouch in a dark color. Fill it with licorice herb, dried and ground unicorn root, a handful of marigolds, fresh rosemary and dried cumin. Place the bag under your lover's side of the bed and s/he will remain faithful.


Take a lock of hair from your lover or spouse and tie a pink ribbon around it. Light three pink candles and then place the hair in a hollowed out apple along with a pinch of ground cinnamon, 7 rose petals and a lock of your own hair tied with a white ribbon. Pass the apple through the flame of each candle while visualizing yourself and your lover. Wrap the apple in a piece of white cloth, then bury it under the window where you sleep. This will help strengthen the existing bond between you.


This spell is simple and requires no searching for exotic ingredients. It is performed to draw people to you (friends) and enhance your sexual attraction (if you desire more than friends) In many ways, this is a confidence and self esteem spell. You can focus on a specific person during the rite in order to strengthen the bond between you or to draw that person to you. Remember the laws of return however, that which you send out will often return to you.

Do a thorough physical cleaning of your bathroom, and cover any mirrors with material (white or pink towels or sheets are nice) Then draw a bath and to the water add a small handful (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) sea salt or other available salt while saying:

"Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay."

Light three white votive candles or place 3 floating candles in the bath tub, focus on your body, how sensual it is, how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful, this spell is just drawing out your best! Women have a strange image of what men desire, and men have an equally odd image of what women desire. This is probably our society's influences, like TV. Focus on what you like about yourself (there is something). You may also begin to focus on that specific person if desired.

Turn off the lights and turn on your favorite music if possible, something that makes you feel reckless and sexy, or calm and at peace with yourself, depending on your taste, mood, and the desired end result you want. For example, for sex, you may want a sexy rock album, for general attraction, you may want a happy mellow song. The feeling that the music evokes in you is important.

Enter the bath and relax, make sure every part of your body is immersed in the water at least once. If you don't have a bathtub, tie the salt up in a wash cloth while saying the above words, and use it in the shower.

When you are finished (I spend about an hour and 1/2 in the bathroom and shave, shampoo, etc. beforehand) Repeat the original words, plus this ending line, so you'll say:

"Negativity is washed away, I am renewed as of today! Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay."

"I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself! I am love!"

It may sound kinda funny, but this one really works. Feel free to intuitively add what you like to this, sandalwood or rose soap, incense, a glass of your favorite ritual beverage, bath oil... especially those made with herbal extracts or essential oils, our favorite perfume or cologne, a special bath towel purchased for this ritual only, etc. Your intuition will only serve to refine this working and enhance its effects!


An easy love spell for the uninitiated or inexperienced that is designed to bring back a lost love:

Light the following candles:
A red candle (South)
A green candle (North)
A yellow candle (East)
A blue candle (West)
Two pink candles

Position the candles at the corresponding corners. Hold the two pink candles in your hands and face the red candle (south). Chant the following until you feel satisfied:

"Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my desire, times three If it is meant to be, Bring *NAME* back to me."


Every Full Moon light a white (blessing) and a pink (happiness) and black candle in gratitude to the Fates. View the Moon before you light them, then say:

The kind Fates have blessed my home,
The kind Fates have blessed my heart,
The kind Fates have blesed my loved ones,
I offer thanks with a humble heart.
I thank the Goddess for my life,
I thank the Goddess for my love.
I thank the Goddess for continued blessings
already on their way.
Blessed be.

Also burn some high-quality incense, the best you have. Do this each month to make your good fortune last.


At night time light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire.

Cut out a piece of paper that is 3 inches by 3 inches. Draw a heart on it and color it in with red.

Write the name of the name of the person that you desire on the heart.

While doing all this be thinking of this person being attracted to you and not being able to resist you!

Think of his or her heart burning with desire for you just like the flames of the fire.

Then kiss the name on the heart 3 times. Place the paper in the fire while saying these words 3 times.

Do so with utmost sincerity.

"Fire come from below,

bring me love that I do know,

make my heart blaze and shine,

to bring the love that will be mine!"

Soon my love will come a day,

three times strong and here to stay!"


Stay and meditate on the spell you just did, seeing it come true!

After you are finished concentrating for a few minutes, extinguish the fire.

Soon your love will come to you!


Play a CD or Tape of some romantic music that means something to you.

Make sure that the music does not include songs that you associate with another person.

It is important to keep specific people out of your mind performing this spell.

On a sheet of cardboard, light a candle of your favorite color to represent you.

Then, light a red or pink candle to represent whoever your new love may be.

Using a red magic marker or crayon, draw a heart around the red candle.

Every day for at least a week, relight the candles in the evening, and as soon as you light the candles,

move them slightly closer together, so that on the last day, the candles are as close together as possible.


Bake a fresh loaf of bread. Hold it up to the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread as well as the

relationship. Break off a piece of the bread for your partner, as well as one for yourself as well.

As you share time together, share the bread as well.

Do not cut the bread with a knife or any other cutting tool. Just break off the pieces with your hands.

Adding butter or jam might be a good idea to help sweeten things up a bit.


Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper,

then take a red candle and light and burn the paper in an ashtray while chanting:

"Kiss me when we meet ,

Kiss me {mention persons Full.......... name

Greet me with your lips, and say you missed me.

But most of all kiss me as a lover should do Magic kisses so I will love you

Kiss me softly and by me always stay our love will last forever as you kiss me today..."

Don't forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you , and conjure love


This spell can be used to bring back an ex-lover or end an argument between friends.

the best time to cast the spell is at precisely 8:00 in the evening.

You will need the following: * Two white candles * A photo or drawing of your lover or friend make

sure he is alone in the photo - cover or cut anyone - including yourself out of the picture

* a photo of yourself smiling * a chamomile tea bag * a piece of blue material

The spell:

1) at exactly 8:00 in the evening light the candles and take a few deep

breaths to relax yourself.

2) try to imagine a peaceful scene - somewhere beautiful and wonderful.

3) Now relaxed, hold the picture of the person in your hand and repeat these words:

"with the light of the flame

I'll light your desire,

when I speak your name

you'll feel my fire, the spell has been cast

So Be It!"

4) say his name slowly 3 times and then put your picture face down on top of his so that the

two images are together.

5) wrap the two picture along with the tea bag in the blue cloth.

6) put the package in a safe place (top of the closet....)

7) to insure that your ex gets the message- light the candles at 8:00 each night and say his name three times.

8) wait three weeks and then see if he wants to meet for lunch or dinner

-He will have a strange desire to do so!!!


Stick a needle through the wick of a red candle.

Light the candle, concentrate deeply and speak the following incantation.

Needle in the flame Needle of fire Pierce his thoughts and his desire

Make him writhe and agonize till his heart turns back to me


6 drops of Patchouli oil 6 drops of Sandalwood oil 6 drops of Rose oil

6 drops of Clove oil 6 drops of Nutmeg oil 6 drops of Olive oil

Wear as a perfume whenever you'll be in the presence of the person you're trying to attract.

Be careful, this stuff is really potent. And don't be surprised if you find others eyeing you as well.

I find it's pretty effective for getting a man's attention. I would probably suggest substituting amber

oil for the rose oil in order to attract a woman.


You will need: purple potato dark chocolate morsels knife

Create a Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Potato Head with a knife and a purple potato.

* We use purple because it is the color of power.

Place a hair clipping of your ex on top of the head to create a magical link.

This is known as poppet magic and is a very powerful way to influence someone.

Carve a hole in the back of the potato head and fill it with dark chocolate morsels.

Then carve your name deeply across the forehead.

Whenever your name comes to mind, your ex will experience the endorphin rush that chocolate brings.

Feelings for you will once again manifest.

You can also use a second potato and carve a heart on its surface.

Fill the heart with chocolate morsels as well to reopen his or her heart to you.

Keep the poppet under your pillow or your love altar until this person returns to you.

* organic potatoes can be found in organic produce markets.

If you cannot obtain purple potato, you may substitute red.

True Love Spell

by Kali

True love is a very hard thing to come by....all this spell will do is bring
the one you are meant to be with, TO you.
If you have someone else in mind while doing this spell,
you can cause damage!!!! Remember, part of being a witch is abiding
by the "harm none" law, and that means do not manipulate people with your spellwork!
We never go by the moon for anything but ritual, but if you
want this spell to be stronger, do it right during the new moon.
Gather your supplies, call the Quarters or the Elements, and Invoke
the God and Goddess. And please please please, do not attempt to manipulate
your mind to bring someone you THINK you like into your life.
This spell will keep the ones who are NOT meant to be yours, far enough away
from you that you will know it!!!!!


Red, Yellow, and Purple candles (as well as black to repel negative thoughts)
Rose oil (or a fresh rose)
Cinnamon, Rosemary (or any other herb you like that can be used in love spells)
Knife and Chalice (to represent female/male)
Holy Water
Small piece of rose quartz
A small corked bottle

Light your candles, cast the circle. Call the Quarters,
and invoke the God and Goddess.
True love I desire shall come to me
God and Goddess make it be!

Anoint yourself with the rose oil using the love Rune symbol
From the past I feel you there
Come back to me- be with me here
Sprinkle some Cinnamon, Rose Oil, and Rosemary in the chalice
with the holy water, and stir it with the knife.
With all the power I have in me
O God and Goddess make it be!
Now, anoint yourself with the holy water and herbs
(this can be done over your heart depending on what you are wearing)
Dip the rose quartz in this mixture also, and make sure you carry it with you.
Cut the bottom end of the candle off (after you snuff it)
about 1/3 inch, and place it in the water/herb mixture till
you are done with your spell.
Re-light the candle
Now, pour some of the remaining herb mixture in the small bottle and cork it,
sealing it with wax from the candle. Every day, wear some of this on you.
Now concentrate all your energies into the red candle, chanting
"Gracious Goddess hear my plea, bring my true love back to me"
Concentrate all your love power into the red candle, when the buildup is complete,
snuff out the candle and say
"By the power of three times three this spell is done, SO MOTE IT BE!"
Now, every day, wear the rose quartz and the herb mixture and burn the
candle and chant until the candle is gone.

Remember to release the Elements (or Quarters) and thank the God and Goddess,
then close your circle. Bury the remaining herbs and water under a tree.

Simple Love Candle Spell

Submitted by Cammie

Inscribe special ones name on a red candle. Recite "Is it meant for this person to love me?". Let candle burn down and bury spent candle in your backyard.

Realization of Love

Submitted by Jimmy

1 red candle
a picture of (subject)
a letter received from subject
and something to light candle

1st set the letter on a flat surface, then place the picture face down in the center of paper, use the unlit candle and draw a heart around the picture, light the candle then recite:

"once lovers now only friend, realize the truth of our love so that my heart might mend"

then turn picture over and let candle burn out atop picture....the spell is complete

Mend a Broken Heart

Submitted by Brianne

Needed: 2 pink candles, a mirror, a copper penny, and a box that is somewhat special to you Part 1: light up the 2 candles and make sure that they are 2 inches apart. in the space between the put the penny. in back of the penny and the candles put the special box then chant O great mother goddess, enclose me in your loving arms. Bring forth the goddess within me Part 2: take the mirror and gaze into it and chant I represent the great goddess, mother of all things. I shine in the light of the golden wings of Isis. All that is great and loving only belongs to me.

Kiss Me Spell - Charged Lipgloss

From: Roxanne

Strawberry clear lip gloss
candles.. Red for love and blue for passionate

On a Friday night light the blue and the red candle put them in a line and put the lip gloss in the middle.
And say the following
"As i speak my loves name (name of person)
I wish to kiss you on my first date
Romance, love, not hate
when you see the shine of my lips
you shall bend over, and give me a kiss
Now the next time you see the one you would like to kiss make sure you use the lipgloss and the shine is noticeable.
When your done put the gloss in a special place. the gloss can be used until gone. blow out the candles and put them away
Warning: not for beginners can result to more things.

Bay Leaf Love Spell

Submitted by DiaDia

You will need one Bay Leaf, and the name of your loved one. Write the name of one you love on the bay leaf and the words fall in love with me now. Burn the bay leaf by a well contained fire. As you picture you and your loved one together say the chant fall in love with me now until the leaf turns to ashes.