The Witches Circle

The greatest magic is that which transforms the heart.

Welcome to our new home!

Formally Spells of the Craft, The Witches Circle is a new take on something old. We decided to get it off of Myspace and give it it's own page! This should be exciting!

We welcome and embrace those new to the craft. This is a non judgmental site. No negativity is allowed! I have had bad experiences in the past with those who feel they know it all. This is about learning and growing. No one way is right. Craft work is about following your intuition and having strong intent.

This is not about who has more power, who is higher on the totem pole or who knows more based on what they were taught. No one person learns the same. No one person reads the same book. No one person preforms a spell the exact same way. Witches are individuals. Please do not come here to bully others around or to make yourself feel or appear more powerful. I will not have this happen again. If you can not provide input in a positive light, then say nothing at all. This is not a coven. This is a learning and helping site.

Since this is hosted on a free site, we are limited to the amount of categories.

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  If you would like to contribute a spell to the site, please contact me at Credit will be given of course.